Exotic designer hand painted leather handbags,  jewelry and Apparel!

60" Fresh Water Pearls and Turquoise Colored Howlite Gemstone Necklace. Style #084. Price: $149.99

Hello Doris Basil, your bags are larger than regular handbag sizes, why?

Answer: "They are handbags that can also serve as a travel tote that fits in an airplane's over-head compartment. I like to travel with just one handbag that I can also use for errands on my trips. That's why I designed it for women like me that likes to travel light. I will also have the styles available in regular handbag sizes. I guarantee that you will love, cherish and enjoy these bags." Doris Basil

Doris Basil's 'Fig8'. Price:$1,150.00  Limited quantity. Wont last at this price. This is one of a kind handbag. This extra, extra-large hand painted leather handbag is more beautiful in person. Perfect for a weekend getaway.


Welcome to Featured Style: Doris Basil's 'Yummy' Style #: DB20

"This is the perfect bag for that weekend getaway. Luxurious, stylish and practical. Imagine walking through the lobby of that resort hotel with this bag. All eyes will be turned towards you and you are sure to get a ton of compliments!" Doris Basil.


Doris Basil's 'Classy Lady' 

Extra, Extra-Large Hand Painted Leather Handbag. Style #: DB13

"This is the perfect bag for the lady that has everything. It is perfect for a weekend getaway. Travel in style with this exotic, luxurious, stylish and practical handbag." Doris Basil.

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